Peregrine Solly

Before becoming involved with the Laidlaw Schools Trust and The Children’s Foundation, Peregrine worked for two of the North East’s leading companies: Vickers plc (later BAE Systems plc) and Scottish and Newcastle plc. His work took him all over the World and gave him a fascinating and unrivalled experience of working across different cultures and different organisations. Peregrine still consults for a number of start-up companies, helping them to develop their businesses internationally. Although he has not been directly involved in education before joining the Trust, Peregrine grew up in a school, his brothers both teach and he is married to a teacher. He fully supports the Trust’s aim of improving the opportunities and life-chances of some of children and young people in the North East of England.

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via Danielle Smith, the Clerk to Governors at stephen.davies@laidlawschoolstrust.com or 0191 6622416.